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Dubai has always been a bustling hub of trade, culture, and tourism. From the rich cultural past of Bur Dubai to the modern, social air of Dubai Marina, there is a place in Dubai for everyone. However, Dubai has also always had a reputation of being an expensive place to stay at with a high cost of living especially with accommodation.

At Gala Guests, we aim to give people away from home a place to call their own here in Dubai.

With more than 7 years of expertise in Dubai’s real estate market and more than 10 years of expertise in the tourism industry, Gala Guests has perfected the craft of making a home away from home. Built on the pillars of trust, comfort, and simplicity, Gala Guests provides you with luxurious, hassle-free holiday homes in Dubai for a price that doesn’t break the bank.


To provide the best holiday homes in Dubai; to provide the services needed to ensure your stay in Dubai is as smooth, memorable, and unforgettable as possible; and to create a community of trust between Gala Guests, our partners, and our clients.


A home is unique for everyone. It is a sum of many things – be it memories, comfort, or peace of mind. “Home, sweet home,” as the old adage goes. As such, it can be objectively difficult to replicate the feeling of being at home in a place away from it. What Gala Guests aims to provide is exactly that. We help you find a home in Dubai that resonates with you. No matter how many miles away you are from your home, Gala Guests makes it so that it’s almost like you never left.

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